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Ok I know you hear this from me alot but........

IM SORRYY!!I have had volleyball and I am soooooo tired from that then add a new school year Im pooped haha! So here is what has been happenin with me lol.....
1school sucks butt so many essays haha then I am so havin frand probs sooo all together I am so sick of life righ now haha
2Im gettin fatter I think Im losin weight but I looke fatt....
3 Im goin to New Orleans!!!!
4 my volleyballs record is 7 lost 4 won but in district we are 4 won 2 lost so we are havin district tournaments Saturday!
So that is pretty much it but I want to know what has been happenin with you guys soo please comment!
thanks to everyone that did not lose hope on me and did not delete me from their bloggy life haha!


I am back from the long awesome Camping trip~

I am back and I had a Awesome time camping here are my many stories I have brought back for you!lol!They are londg so beware!

#1 We get there we eat pizza and then all the coll older kids and the my little cuzs all sat around and talk then my uncle told us to go to bed at 12 soo this kinda p' dme off so I said they were not our boss's that my mamaw ttook us and he was invited but I kinda think that was not a good idea when I look back even though it was fun lol he apologized to me the nexr day yeah I know messed up but oh well
then the next day we woke up annd biked and then went tubin on my cuzs boat sooo fun!
bruises are everywhere though since we went twice and I got BURNED! lol!
then my cousin K K came which was sosososo fun and we went to bed in the tent and boys slept in the csmper :P lol!
next day we woke up and Dessie Dalton and David left soo me and wats left went swimmin while mamaw waited for my cuzs from N ohio Swimmin area gross lol!
My aunt verver stopped every night!
Sunday was my fam reunion and It was really fun!
Monday Dalton Dessie came back and me him and Tay went on a 8 mile bike ride!
Tuesday a boy through afish at me! Then ther was no way of gettin rid of him he was FREAAKKY!!lol!
Wednesday he left thank goodness!lol!
Thursday KK came with Evan! and we biked in the rain soo fun!
Friday KK an kim came back and we all rode talked and hung out!
Saturday was the fair an d it was soo muddy it was up to my knees!!
Evan threw up 3 times on one ride lol!
Ate a funnel cake yumm
WE painted our faces as tigers and rode home on the truck bed and the cars would brighten their lights and get close and lean forward and we growled att them hilarious!
Sunday we left :((
Monday too tires to function
Tuesday cleaned
Well thats all folks and rememeber to


Guinea pigs!!

Here are our new guinea pigs!! the one on the left is a boy! and is mine! the other one si a girl!
but I cant figure out wat to name them got any suggestions lol!

So in other news I am goin shopping tomorrow then camping sooo fun! Tay and me r goin to shop till we drop lol!



I have no clue what to title this post~

Soo today I go to Tops and see how the peeps are doin

The book in the last post everyone was wondering wat it was it is a manga a very very good one I reccomend it lol!

Guess wat my Bff Taylor is goin camping with me! Im soo excited I egt to see cuz's I have not seen in a while!

I am havin a problem with the cuzins that live next to mee thy are the most nnoying little children ever!!

But I have to go I post to ya later!


Oh my gosh

I am reading the last volume of boys over flowers and I LOVE IT!

I give it 5 stars so far but it leaves you hanging though abd you want to know more sorta like the anime and book are two whole differnt thing!

I know you guys are probaly sick of hearing about my reality tv problem but my fave got kicked off of the BAchelorette AGAIN! 2 weeks in a row I need therapy..:(
Thenn you see her and she says she was hurt I said you should have kept reid!HAHA Take that Jillian!

SO I am going camping again and I am sooo excited so I will not be blogging all next week till the next monday! I know you will miss me but I gotta do what I got to do LOL! just kiddin!

But I will go to a reunion and then go to a movir then go back to the camp!
SO now I dedicate this post to Reid off the Bachelorette for many reasons.....
1your hot
2 jillian made a huge mstake
3 I know you got hurt
4 and I love you



The pics of the festival/parade

So here are the pics I promised!

Before we went we had to tan

Heres the float that floats lol

The whole thing in line up

Seeing the festival at the top of the hill

The dunking tank

ball throw

lil sis# 1 on the slide

my grandma and lil sis #2

THe plaque we won for best float only float but best float!

So after a long 2 hours at the festival and my sis squattin in the middle of the playground and run in with my ex we went home and watched a Tyler Perry Movie